Q. Why cant I sign up through your site.

A. If your billing address does not match your living address on your card you must sign up through ccbill. There are links on the login page and join page to sign up through ccbill.
If you live outside of the US you must also sign up through ccbill.

Q. I am having trouble loging in through the members entrance.

A. If you are a ccbill member you must login through that entrance. My login is case sensitive. Make sure if you used capitol letters to sign up you login that way.

Q. How do I cancel recurring membership

A. If you are a ccbill member you may cancel through the ccbill sign up page. If you are a Plug and Pay member you may email me with you user name and password.

Q. Id I sign up to your site of purchase any stuff on my credit card what will the bill show up as.

A. Bovine Studio Productions

Q. I don't have a credit card.

A. You can send me a check or money order for all memberships. You can also do the same for merchandise. If you are outside the US You will have to pay a little extra for shipping on merchandise. Email me and I will look it up for you. Checks can be mailed to Darian Caine PO Box 1287 warwick, NY 10990. Made payable to Bovine studio Productions.

Q. Your website looks uneven and dull on my screen.

A. My site is best viewed through Internet Explorer 800x600 pixels. If you are an aol user colors may not be as vibrant. Try viewing through Internet Explorer. Also Make sure you download my font inside my members area on the left had side of the members page. Aol Users please follow this for better looking graphics and images. From your AOL browser, click on "My AOL"
Then Click on "Preferences"
Then Click on "The W.W.W. Icon"
Then Click on "The Web Graphics Tab"
Then uncheck or unselect "Used compressed graphics" If you have already been browsing the site do this as well. Click on the General Tab
Click on Delete Files under Temporary Internet files
Click OK

Q. I have a Mac and I am having trouble viewing your pages.

A. Mac user try using Netscape.

Q. I am having trouble login into you live web cam chat.

A. Make sure you have all your window updates for your system.

Q. I am an aol user and I cannot access some of you links inside the members area.

A. Some Aol browsers are not set up for some of my links. try login in through Internet explorer after you login to the web through Aol.

Q. I signed up to be a Dark Follower and have not received my gifts.

A. You have to email me after you sign up and tell me which ones you want.

If you have any other questions please email me. I work really hard on maintaining the site for you. So please let me help you out if you are not satisfied. I like email.